Life as a Tiger Protector Working with WWF

Life as a Tiger Protector Working with WWF

Image credit: Simon Rawles / WWF-UK Regional Partnering with global organizations in order to help raise awareness of important global issues, such

New Chat Extensions

New Chat Extensions: Yelp, Tunemoji, Ticketmaster and More!

It’s been nearly a year since we first introduced Chat Extensions, enabling you to send a GIF, Guggy and YouTube video. Since then,

how obsessed with your phone are you

How Obsessed with Your Phone Are You?

Does your neck hurt from texting non-stop? Do you you find it impossible to leave your phone in a different

Viber's 7th birthday

Viber Celebrates 7 Years of Connecting People Freely and Securely

It’s Rakuten Viber’s 7th birthday and I couldn’t be more proud of our achievements. From the very beginning, we’ve put

How to Call Egypt

How to Call Egypt from the USA

Calling family and friends in Egypt can be a bit tricky, particularly when you’re calling from the USA. Whether you’ve

ski trip packing list

No Worries: We’ve Prepared Your Ski Trip Packing List

We’ve already listed the things you should make sure to take with you on an international trip as well as

Your Alternative to the Traditional Landline

Your Alternative to the Traditional Landline Phone Service

Not so long ago we all relied on landline phones as our main means of communication. However, the cell phone

Moving abroad checklist

8 Tips for Moving Abroad

If you thought moving apartments was a difficult task, you can only imagine the logistical nightmare that is moving abroad.

Good Vibes

Good Vibes: 4 Stories That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

It seems that the world is in need of some positive news, all the more reason we decided to look

Viber raises awareness to dengue fever

Viber Partners with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health to Raise Awareness of Dengue Fever

We’re always trying to find new ways to raise awareness among our users to important global issues, from the work

Set the Mood for Autumn with These 11 Fall Songs

Can you feel the wind in your hair? Do you have that sensation that it’s about to rain any minute

What is VoIP

What is VoIP?

You may think you don’t know what VoIP is, but if you’ve ever made a call using the internet, whether