Channels on Viber: Get the Content You Really Want

Tell us what you want, what you really really want! Instead of relying on algorithms based on your interests (and a whole bunch of other private information), we want to deliver the content you will enjoy based on your interests. Unlike most social media platforms, which push content into your main feed, Viber Channels allows you to curate the content you want to see. With Channels, you can find and subscribe to content that interests you, such as news, cooking, sports, cute animals, and funny memes that keep you laughing throughout the day.

Channels are the next step in the evolution of messaging apps. They provide a valuable, unique, and smooth user experience as they become increasingly popular among Viber users seeking information from exciting creators.

Introducing Channels

We are excited to offer Channels on Viber, worldwide, making Viber a content destination that is tailored to the interests of each user.

Find Your Next Favorite Channel

People all over the world can use a simple keyword search to find Viber channels, subscribe to the latest news, follow influencers, get exclusive content, and participate in polls, quizzes and conversations.

Viber has also added the ability to comment on the channel, allowing users to create a public forum for discussions. It has become one of the most popular features among users, primarily because it provides an exceptional sharing experience of a social community in a predominately digital world.

It’s easy to find and join a channel on Viber: To join a diverse list of channels and leave comments on your passionate topics, enter the keyword for the content you’re looking for (such as sports) into Viber’s search bar. With Viber, entertainment is much easier to access!

Create Your Own Channel

Did you always want to encourage people to get involved and get your content out there? Viber channels are a great way for you to do this! You can use your passion and reach a wide audience at once by choosing any vibrant topic and sharing it with the world. As the channel’s admin, you can connect with audiences worldwide by delivering engaging content they will love. Fresh content and ongoing engagement are essential to the success of your channel, and you have endless valuable options for understanding your audience and managing your channel correctly.

  1. Promote your channel in the fastest and easiest way with invitation links that you can share anywhere your potential audience may be.
  2. Publish your channel name and description with searchable keywords to help subscribers find it on Viber.
  3. Use Channel Analytics tools to gain insights into your data, learn more about your audience, and optimize your posts.
  4. Easily schedule posts in advance with the content calendar.
  5. Enjoy moderation controls by deciding when subscribers can comment and create discussions on your channel.

As you can see, channels are a great way to reach a large audience. But not only that, channels can even be profitable. You can boost your channel engagement and monetize from it by branding content, sharing sponsored ads, and promoting partners.
And what’s the best thing about it? You can keep 100% of your revenue from sponsored content on Viber.

We know you now on your way to becoming a star with your channel, and we are looking forward to seeing what you can do with it!

What’s Next for Channels

We are constantly working to improve the Viber user experience by bridging the gap between great content and those who enjoy it.

We will continue to improve this feature to help you create great content, so stay tuned for more discoveries in the future.

Viber has something that everyone can enjoy, and we’d love for you to join us!
Keep experimenting and wait tuned for more tips.