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The master version of the Rakuten Viber® logo has been designed to be flexible. A number of variations are available to ensure flexibility across a variety of formats.

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Color palette

In total, our color palette consists of 9 colors: our core purple, 3 primary shades of our purple and 5 supplementary accent colors.

The accent colors can be used to diversify layouts. When used as a dominant or secondary dominant color, they create vibrant and less direct branded layouts. When used as a secondary color, they create playful and visually interesting layouts.

There is one rule of use: you can’t use more than one accent color in a layout.

Main Purple

RGB: 115 096 242

CMYK: 67 67 00 00

HEX: #7360f2

Easy Violet

RGB: 174 158 244

CMYK: 35 39 0 0

HEX: #ae9ef4

White Violet

RGB: 229 225 255

CMYK: 10 13 0 0

HEX: #e5e1ff

Text Violet

RGB: 78 72 121

CMYK: 77 74 31 0

HEX: #4e4879

Electric Yellow

RGB: 220 233 83

CMYK: 17 0 72 0

HEX: #dce953

Sunrise Orange

RGB: 249 122 78

CMYK: 06 4 69 0

HEX: # f97a4e

Candy Pink

RGB: 255 90 173

CMYK: 07 5 0 0

HEX: #ee93d5

Kind Red

RGB: 255 99 95

CMYK: 0 73 53 0

HEX: #f86359

Friendly Green

RGB: 74 169 148

CMYK: 70 10 49 0

HEX: #4aa994


Please use these screenshots as-is. Do not edit modify, distort, rotate or recolor the screenshots.

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We have a library of high-quality videos to keep you updated with the latest features and updates. You can find them all on our YouTube channel.

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