Remember Everything That’s Important with My Notes – See What’s New on Viber

Your day to day is full of excitement. People send you messages, you respond to as many as possible, your mom asked you to call her back ASAP. It’s getting impossible to keep track of everything in your head, and you don’t want to download another task management app on your phone. 

That’s why now you’ll have My Notes, a new dedicated space in your chat list that helps you keep everything in one place. Messaging apps are a key daily tool, and it just makes sense to make them as convenient and efficient as possible.  

Save everything you want (messages, videos, etc.) right inside of Viber.

For example: you need a few ingredients from the store so you can bake a cake in the evening. Eggs, flour, chocolate. Simply add it to My Notes and remember everything you had to do.  

How to get the most out of My Notes?

  • Check lists – Create lists of things you need to do and check them off when you’re done
  • Save Messages – Keep all your favorite messages, videos, photos & more in one place
  • Sync to any device – Move seamlessly through your phone, computer and tablet
  • Create reminders – Coming soon: set reminders so you always remember important notes

Start taking notes so you remember what’s important. Update your latest version of Viber and you’re all set!

Mute Chats for Peace ?

In the interest of keeping everything organized and in it’s own lane, we’ve also released the ability to temporarily mute chats. Sometimes there is simply too much going on and you can’t fully pay attention to a specific chat when notifications are flying in. Maybe you’re watching a movie, or maybe you’re giving a presentation at work.

For any occasion when you can’t give certain chats the attention they deserve – you can mute! Give yourself the peace and quiet you deserve with this simple new feature. 

Mute chats work for 1 on 1 chats as well as groups. Choose whether you want to mute for 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours or always.

Update now to the latest version of Viber!