Feel Closer Than Ever With Group Video Calls for 20 People – See What’s New on Viber


These days, many of us must stay at home, away from the people we care about or unable to attend activities we used to be part of with others up until recently. When sending a message or making a voice call isn’t enough, video calls are there to bring us one step closer to the real thing of meeting someone in person.

On Viber, you can have a group chat with up to 250 people or group voice call for 20 people, and starting today …

Introducing Group Video Calls for up to 20 people together!


This feature has been long-requested by Viber users, and we’re thrilled to bring it to all users globally, helping you see and talk with others over video as much as you want. We’ve dedicated our entire team to this launch over the past weeks, and we will continue to do more in the near future.

Group Video Calls are available across platforms – Android, iPhone and Viber for desktop.

How does it work?

Just like Group Voice Calls on Viber, start a Group Video Call from a chat group of up to 20 people by tapping the new Video button added on top, or by adding more participants to an ongoing video call.

Group Video Calls give the speaker the floor. For undivided attention, the speaker’s video is the one displayed for all participants, but you can choose to pin any other participant’s video on your screen during the call.

Feel free to mute yourself or turn off your video during the call. You can also see if other participants are on mute or their video is turned-off.

What is it ideal for?

Any reason you want to see and talk to a group of people!

See family or friends on a Group Video Call when not everyone is at the same place. If you join a Group Video Call from your desktop, you can easily share your desktop screen so everyone can see it during the call.

There are so many other things a Group Video Call on Viber is amazing for: Teaching a Yoga course or cooking class, work meetings, watching a movie together, or hosting a trivia game with your friends while everyone is at home.

No matter where you or they are at, start a Group Video Call on Viber Now!

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