Viber support team

Help When You Need It: Get to Know Our Support Team

On the right: Moty with the support team in Tel Aviv As the primary way of communication for millions of

How to call Canada from the USA

How to Call Canada from the USA

With over 600 thousand Americans living in Canada, there’s a big chance there’s someone there you’d like to stay in

FC Barcelona Viber Competition

Announcing: The BarçaViber Sticker Contest Winner!

As FC Barcelona’s Official Communication Channel we promised one lucky Viber user and two of their friends a once in

Viber Out vs Calling Cards

Viber Out vs. Calling Cards: Why Viber Out Is the Better Option

Using calling cards might have once been our go-to solution to cut down on expenses, but with calling options like

Change Your Phone Number Without Losing Your Chat History

Change Your Phone Number Without Losing Your Chat History

Gone are the days in which you had to say goodbye not only to your former phone number but to

FC Barcelona Rakuten Viber

Konnichiwa from Messi: Barça Players Chat with Fans on Viber

Being a part of the Rakuten family sure has its perks, and since Rakuten is now FC Barcelona’s Main Global Partner, Viber

Vote for Shakira's Tour Playlist

You Get to Decide Shakira’s El Dorado Tour Playlist!

As the official messaging app for Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour we can’t wait for the tour to kick off this

International cat day

The History of LegCat

As one of Viber’s most beloved characters, LegCat has become so much more than Violet’s sidekick. Not only does he

Sync Chat History Viber for Desktop

Here’s Why You Should Start Using Viber for Desktop

Whether you’re working on a computer all day, or simply don’t have easy access to your mobile at the moment,

How to call India from the USA

How to Call India from the USA

In order to call India from the USA, you want to follow these following instructions, while remembering the major time

Viber sticker team

Behind the Stickers: Meet the Viber Sticker Design Team

Our sticker team is constantly coming up with new and original sticker packs that each Viber user can enjoy and

International Friendship Day

6 Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

This Sunday, take a moment to reflect on your top person, your best friend – the person you can count