It’s A Democracy! Add Polls To Your Viber Chats

Many of you have asked us for the option to create polls in group chats and Communities. We are now delighted to announce that Polls are available globally on Viber.

Be democratic!

There are times in a group chat when you want to know what everyone thinks about a topic without losing the point with answers, comments and options from literally EVERYONE in the group.

In a Community this problem is even bigger. You could have literally millions of members who all want their say, and you can get lost in a sea of replies.

When you are in this situation, simply create a poll in your chat!


So, how do you create a poll?

Tap the polls icon at the chat menu, type your poll question and add a set of up to 10 choices to choose from.

Everyone in the chat can vote by tapping on the heart button next to each one. Watch the live results in the chat as the vote count goes up every time someone taps on their choice. In a group chat you can also see who voted for what by tapping on an option.

Polls may be just for fun, used to decide on a discussion topic, a gift for friends, a night out and more.

Make your Community voices heard

Adding a poll is a great way to get members of your Community to contribute to the discussion – letting them have their say, and encouraging more people to engage in your Community more frequently.

Ask Community members anything you want – you set it up with the questions you want to know about. Do you want to know what content people like to see in the Community? Set up a poll. How about who was the man of the match in last night’s game? Create a poll. The options are individual to the group or Community, and they are endless.

Privacy always comes first on Viber, so Community members’ poll votes are anonymous. Whatever a Community member votes for, their choice isn’t visible. Superadmins and admins can only see how other superadmins or admins voted. If you are a regular Community member, there is no way of knowing who you are and what you voted for.

Add a poll to your group or Community today, and get your members involved in the conversation in new ways.

Try adding a poll to your chat now:

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