The New Way to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day with Viber

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the same important question as every year: How can you surprise your loved one with a new way of expressing your true love?

Let’s take a look at what you have probably already done in the last few years:

You’re simply the best text

Sometimes, simple is better. What could possibly beat a lengthy, touchy-feely, beautifully written text message that tells the tale of your love? From a short and sweet “I love you”, through to a poem full of your feelings about being in love, a text message can be used to say exactly how you feel.

Love is sticky

You can’t seem to get enough of our love/ hearts/ kisses stickers, with over 6 billion of these stickers sent by you to loved ones last year. You are truly the masters of love stickers.

This year, take a look at our 2019 collection of Valentine’s Day sticker packs and get ready to share some more hearts and kisses.

GIF me a kiss

GIFs take your expressions to a whole new level of fun and emotion, capturing a precise moment and turning it into an eternal looping wish.

Shout out your love

Leave your loved one in no doubt how you feel when you add a Valentine’s Day themed background to your love-filled message.

NEW! Heart-shaped <3 Instant Videos

As a pro at expressing your love with stickers or GIFs, this year we are here to help to up your “I love you” game.


Send a quick 30 second, heart-shaped, instant video message right inside any chat. Simply long-tap the instant video button, record your selfie love note and share it immediately. Instant impact – you saying how you feel in your own words.

Surprise your loved one now

Happy Valentine’s Day!