Congratulations! You Won 2018 Just By Chatting on Viber

Happy Birthday to us!

This month is Viber’s 8th birthday and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it with you. Eight (8) is widely known as a lucky number in Japanese culture, so we have a great feeling about the year to come.

Looking back, you have made 2018 the year to beat by chatting with Viber. You have messaged better, faster and safer than ever before. Each new Viber update powered up the ways you communicate with the people you care about, and allowing you to engage around topics you are passionate about.

So what better way to celebrate our 8th birthday than with the 8 awesome ways you won 2018 with Viber? Watch it now:

Communities: You Found Your Soulmates

Find your place to belong with Viber Communities. Chat with people who get excited by the same things you are passionate about. The sky’s the limit with the possibilities of Communities – unlimited members and endless Community topics.

Discover Communities now:

Translate Messages: You Beat The Language Barrier

Beat the language barrier and chat with anyone you want, in any language THEY want –  with in-chat translations. Just a simple tap and nothing can stop you from talking to absolutely anyone 😉

A Fresh New Look: Chat At Lightning-Speed

Be blown away with super-fast chatting on Viber. With new colors, a fresh white background and updated delivery status notifications (two purple ✓✓), your messages are sent and received at lightning-speed.

Mark As Unread: For The Important Messages

Keep track of the chats you need to return to later. Simply mark a message unread and find it quickly in your chat list whenever you want it. “I forgot” is no longer a valid excuse!

Edit Messages: Save Yourself From Embarrassment

Edit your messages to correct your spelling mistakes. Whether you mistyped a word, or autocorrect changed it for you, tap on the message to edit it at any time.

Mentions: Grab A Friend’s Attention

Get your friends involved in a group chat – gr@b their attention by mentioning them! Now they will be reminded to check-into the chat and have their say.

Longer Voice Messages: You Can Go On and On and On …

Record a voice message for up to an amazing 15 minutes, if you can think of things to say for that long ;-). And save yourself thumb-fatigue by locking the microphone in place for as long as you are recording.

Shouts: Your Message WILL Stand Out From The Crowd

Make your message heard, Shout it out. No one can miss what you have said when you add a colorful background to it.

2018 was epic, and you won’t believe what is coming up in 2019.  Stay tuned!