How to call Japan from the USA

Calling Japan from the USA used to be an expensive option using a traditional and complicated calling method. Now, there

world cup sticker blog

Special Sticker Spotlight: Celebrate the World Cup!

The World Cup has already kicked off and we’ve all had the opportunity to watch some of our favorite teams

shakira el dorado paris post

Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour Hits Paris!

It’s finally here! Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour kicked off last week and now she’s hitting the city of lights,

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Challenge Friends In a Group Chat: Create Your World Cup Leaderboard!

If you’re a true football fan, you’re probably counting down the days, minutes and seconds to the World Cup! We

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Sticker Pack Spotlight: From LegCat & Lola + Shazam to the Muppets!

This week’s sticker pack spotlight features some of your favorite characters as well as a sticker pack that will get

Wave Hi to Viber’s New Emoticons

Everybody loves emoticons. They are a central feature of any chat, just because they can add so much without words:

From Brands to Fans: always inspires fans to present themselves in strong, healthy and stylish ways. From the hottest fashion trends to the

Viber's new chat extensions

Viber’s New Chat Extensions: Shouts, Favorites and Locations

Viber’s Chat Extensions add so much to your chats. From helping you to find and share the perfect GIFs and

Sticker Pack Spotlight: Enjoy Violet Everyday!

Sticker Pack Spotlight: Enjoy Violet Everyday!

We promised you more sticker pack spotlights and we’re here to deliver! From Violet’s new sticker pack to a love

Professional book nerds Community

A Book Lover’s Heaven: Join the Professional Book Nerds Community!

If you’re a bookworm and would love to talk about your favorite books without leaving the convenience of your home

BarcaViber Fan of the year

BarçaViber’s Fan of the Year Shares His Once in a Lifetime Experience

They say dreams rarely come true, but in the case of Denis Kovalyov from Belarus that couldn’t be further from

shakira el dorado tour kicks off

Shakira’s World Tour – Go Behind the Scenes

Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour is about to kick off on June 3rd in Hamburg, Germany, and we’re so excited