Replace Your Best Friend with a Bot

With more and more brands creating bots in order to reach their potential users through messaging apps like Viber, there’s no wonder chatbots are becoming increasingly influential in day to day life. So much so, that we wanted to show you how a bot could replace your best friend. Well, obviously not actually replace, but … Read More >

7 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Viber for Desktop

Whether you’re new to Viber for Desktop or have already played around with the platform for quite some time now, chances are you could still improve your productivity and like with anything in life, learn more. Here are seven hacks you should check out if you’d like to learn all there is to know about … Read More >

Viber Announced as Video Intelligence’s Publisher of the Month

  Video intelligence is a programmatic advertising platform, specializing in mobile videos, video marketing and programmatic buying, and connecting new publishers to their platform every week. With our roll out of app advertising opportunities to brands, our ad monetization strategy, and unique connection with 18-35 year olds, vi has taken notice and deemed us “Publisher … Read More >

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