Viber 100% privacy

Only on Viber: 100% Privacy You Can Trust

It seems that users of certain messaging apps around the world are still worried about their data being mishandled and

Rakuten Accelerator

Sign up to Participate in Rakuten’s Accelerator Focused on Viber!

  For the first time ever, Viber’s parent company, Rakuten, will be partnering with Techstars, an American seed accelerator, on

good vibes stories April edition

Good Vibes: April Edition

Get in the mood for spring with these awesome good vibes stories, the April edition! From the story of a

Making International Calls Dos and Don'ts

Making International Calls – The Dos and the Don’ts

Making international calls hasn’t always been easy. Remember the times when you had to use your landline and a “cheap

Viber is the most secure messaging app

Why Viber Is the Most Secure Messaging App Around

  While many social app users around the world are still trying to get over the major data breaches that

7 ways to save time

How to Save Time with Viber

We’re all busy juggling a hundred and one things a day, which is why our time is so valuable to

spring songs

Pump up Your Spring Mood with These 15 Spring Songs!

Spring is finally here, and even though the snow is still melting in some countries around the world, others are

Rohit Singh- WWF

Saving Endangered Animals with WWF Part II

Rohit Singh. Image credits: Ola Jennersten/WWF Sweden We recently told you about Singye Wangmo, a tiger protector working with WWF in order to help

How to call Ireland from the USA - Viber Out

How to Call Ireland from the USA

Staying in touch with family and friends is never easy, but if they’re more than 4,000 miles away from you,

Viber FUTR 2018

FUTR London 2018: Brand Promise, Consumer Journey & Beyoncé

Technology has changed everything—from content consumption, mobile-first and personalized digital experiences to an on-demand consumer environment. All of these rapid

At Viber, Your Data is Yours

At Viber, Your Data is Yours

Recent events in the world of tech have caused alarm among many people worried about the privacy and security of

Gaming Chat Extension

GAMEE Chat Extension Delivers Gaming to Viber Audience

We’re continuously seeking partners that can enhance the in-app experience for our engaged and global audience. We have launched our