The Biggest Celebration for the Biggest Football Event!

World cup come play bannerCalling all you football fans! You know how they say “It’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game!” While that’s true, what about those watching the game, us fans?! Sure, we want our team to win, but wouldn’t it be ideal to join in, show our skills for the game and win, too? 🙂

If you said YES (and of course you said YES!), then this celebration is for you!
Join our global football fans’ celebration with a new chatbot, stickers, AR Lenses, and more!

Introducing Viber’s Football World Fan Challenge 2022

Being huge football fans, with so many different nationalities at Viber, and supporting so many different teams
it’s extra exciting for us to launch Viber’s Football World Fan Challenge 2022 for our millions of app users around the world! It’s our way of inviting everyone to have fun, connect, celebrate this amazing sports event, mix in friendly competition using the new match predictions chatbot, and offer fans a chance to win cool prizes!

We created a one-stop shop for everything our fans need to celebrate the biggest football competition in the world!

Fans globally will be reminded daily to predict the outcome of the matches, show support for their teams, keep up with game results, use cool AR and game lenses and challenge friends, stickers, and even tune in to sports channels to never miss a moment of football madness!\

Here’s the breakdown:

  • AR Lenses: Two AR Lenses for when teams score, themed frames with footballs, and more!
  • Game Lenses: Two game lenses that enable users to turn into football legends and try to score a goal or see how many times they can head the ball!
  • Football Stickers: The new sticker pack features football-related images and lingo in English, as well as in 18 additional languages!
  • Sports Channels: Tune in to over a dozen different Sports Media Channels, to stay up to date with the latest stories and breaking news!
  • Chatbot Game Predictions: Play in private and group chats. Game outcome predictions will be posted on the global and country leaderboards, with exciting prizes and rewards to be won, as well as extra prizes depending on the region of the users.


Fans who play together, stay together!

That’s right, we’re not going to let you play alone! You can invite your friends to play and predict outcomes with you in private or group chats, as well as with fans from around the world! It’s easy as kicking to a wide-open goal!
1) Open the challenge chatbot
2) Start Playing
3) Invite friends
4) Win Big!

Ready to play ball? Let’s go! GOOOAL!