2023 Wrap Up

It’s a wrap for 2023 at Rakuten Viber, and what an exciting year it’s been! This last year we launched a record number of features and enhanced some of our core functionalities, with a focus on providing more ways to connect and get things done. Features such as Caller ID, and Viber Plus, give even more privacy and control over day-to-day communications. 

The recently launched Self-Serve Business offering is built to empower small and micro business owners to connect with new customers and provide superior service, while Commercial Accounts serves large and enterprise companies. The redesigned chat UI has a modern look and feel, making it easier for users to navigate and access their media library. Payments on Viber, launched in 2022 in Greece and Germany, now enables group payments and supports over 1 million wallets. With all of these releases and improvements, we are proud to deliver a robust experience for businesses, and consumers alike – all within Viber. 

Caller ID

The number 1 way to protect users from spammers and make it easy to identify important calls. Caller ID helps to recognize callers and identify spammers.

Viber Plus

An elevated Viber experience: unlimited stickers, invisible mode, personalization features, and more. Viber Plus gives users a premium Viber experience with a number of exclusive features.

New input field

A strategic redesign, making the chat space cleaner and easier to use. The new input field is a reorganization of the UI, making it more intuitive for users.


A unique way for businesses to connect with their customers right where they chat. Business accounts allow local businesses to have a presence on Viber, making it easy for them to attract new customers and communicate with existing ones.

Storage management

In response to user feedback, this feature allows Viber users to keep their phones running optimally by decreasing the space Viber takes up. Storage management is the fastest way for users to free up space on their phones by quickly deleting heavy media files on Viber.

2023 was quite the ‘super’ year for Rakuten Viber, and we look to make 2024 even more meaningful and impactful. This year, we look forward to paving the way for the next generation of super apps, releasing and improving features that truly serve our users’ wants and needs. Current features such as Payments and Self-Serve business accounts will continue to evolve and expand to new markets, while new and exciting features will be launched. We’re excited for users all over the world to be able to connect, pay, play, and grow with Rakuten Viber.