Sticker Mania: We’re Crazy for Stickers!

Sticker Day is coming up this January 13th and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve only just celebrated the Sticker Market’s fourth birthday, and still can’t get over the fact that a whopping 668 million stickers have been downloaded in 2017 alone. Thanks to our sticker team working hard to create more original stickers for … Read More >

Pin Important Messages to the Top of Your Group Chat

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy our newest group chat improvements on both your mobile and desktop! We only recently came out with our replies feature on desktop, which enables you to reply to messages that were sent in your group chat or one-on-one chats so that you’re always in the … Read More >

Chill Out with These 12 Winter Songs!

  With many areas around the world bracing themselves for another freezing week, chances are that unless you happen to be tanning on some remote island in the Caribbean, you’re probably trying to remember what it was like during the summer. And while fall seems to have gone by way too quickly as well, there’s … Read More >