Keeping Viber free for everyone, always

Viber is, and always will be, completely free for you to send unlimited fast messages and make endless crystal-clear calls to other people on Viber.

As you use the Viber app, you may have noticed ads and offers from businesses appear in your main chat list, right after calls, and in other select places around the app. Showing you these tailored and relevant offers help us keep the app free for you to use.

Ads help us keep Viber free

Behind Viber is a talented team of developers, product managers, designers, and many others, who are all committed to creating the best, safest, and fastest messaging app in the world. In order to keep the running of Viber free, we came up with this solution of showing a limited number of ads to our users.

Privacy first: Ads are never based on your chats

Your privacy is one of the most important things for us at Viber. That’s why our default end-to-end encryption covers every part of every private or group chat, and means we can never read your messages, listen to your calls or scan the media your share. Since we don’t have access to your chats, neither advertising providers nor brands can access your chats.

Rest assured – the content of your chats stays in your chats always and never will be used for showing your relevant ads (as some other messaging apps do).

Keep Viber safe and report inappropriate ads

We are committed to making sure that the ads you see are relevant and appropriate for everyone. Help us keep this promise – if you come across an ad you feel is inappropriate, please take the moment to report it, and make Viber better for everyone.

When you report an ad from the button at the top of the ad, our team quickly responds, inspects the ad, and takes the relevant action to make sure it won’t bother anyone else on Viber.

You also have the power to hide individual ads that you don’t like. All you need to do is tap on the button at the top of the ad, and then choose “Hide”.

Thank you for choosing Viber to chat with friends and family. We will continue to ensure your chats stay private, safe, and completely free, for you to chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime.