Your Privacy, Your Power: Viber’s Updated Privacy Policy

Your privacy is close to your heart, and our commitment at Viber is to protect it every time we make any change to the app, big or small.

We’ve updated our terms and policies to reflect new, exciting updates on the app. As part of our efforts to be transparent, read the summary of what we added to our terms to make sure you are on top of everything going on:

More control of your privacy choices

We are committed to ensuring that you always feel in control of your privacy on Viber. Every new feature that could impact on your privacy has an inbuilt way for you to control it.

When you set up your Viber account you provide your name, so that other people can identify you when they are chatting with you. This name will soon become searchable by others on Viber, who once they have found you can start a chat with you. This chat hides both your phone numbers, and you can’t call each other.

Privacy option: You can opt-out from letting others find you by name from your Viber Privacy Settings: More > Settings > Privacy > Find me by my name

In the spirit of making new people on Viber feel welcome, and help them make connections with people already on Viber, we may suggest people they may know to start chatting with.

Privacy option: If you don’t want to receive these suggestions, and you don’t want to be suggested to others, you can change this in your Viber Privacy Settings at any time: More > Settings > Privacy > Allow friend suggestions

Birthdays are fun and celebrating with friends is even more fun. To make it easier than ever for you to remember your friends’ birthdays, Viber will soon notify you when it is someone’s birthday.

Privacy option: If you don’t want to feel popular on your birthday, or you are not interested in knowing when others are celebrating, you can turn this off from your Viber Privacy Settings: More > Settings > Privacy > Share your birth date

Calling all Californians

If you are a resident of California, USA, you have certain new rights under the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Learn more about your rights under the on Viber on our CCPA rights page.

Privacy option: The Privacy Policy and CCPA rights page set out how you can access this information from us.

Consent for your credit details to be stored

When you buy a product through Viber, the company you are buying from (Viber or one of our partners) may store your credit card information to allow you to make recurring payments (for example for a Viber Out calling plan), or to make it easier for you to make your next purchase. You are asked to agree to them storing your reduced credit card information the first time you make any purchase.

Privacy option: Read more about the Stored Credential Consent Agreement.

Personalizing the ads that you see

You may be shown ads in different places around the Viber app. These ads are important to Viber as a way of enabling us to keep our services free for you to use whenever you want to.

In order to make sure that the ads that you see are as relevant to you as possible, we may receive some data about your characteristics and interests from trusted third parties to identify the group you belong to for the best ads. This information comes from the advertising identifier on your phone, and we only receive information in accordance with the law. More information about this is available in the Viber Ads, Cookies & Tracking Technologies Policy.

Privacy option: You can choose not to receive personalized ads from the Personal Data Privacy Settings: More > Settings > Privacy > Personal data > Allow ad personalization based on links

Cookies update!

Cookies and other tracking technologies are used by Viber to keep our services running smoothly – for example, remembering your login status. The Viber Ads, Cookies & Tracking Technologies Policy sets out all of the cookies that we use, and how you can opt out of them. We have added new companies to the list for your information.

Privacy option: You can opt out of individual cookies. Learn how to opt out of each cookie from the links in the Viber Ads, Cookies & Tracking Technologies Policy.

If you have any questions about the updates to our services and policies, feel free to contact us.