Forward Multiple Messages and More on Viber for Desktop

Desktop features

Two new major improvements for you on Viber for Desktop with today’s version update! Multiple text messages forwarding to multiple recipients, as well as our drag & drop feature that will allow you to control the quality of the files you send. Read on to learn more about your new go-to features.

Forwarding Multiple Messages to Multiple People

Your time is valuable, which is why you simply can’t waste it on manually forwarding one message at a time to your friends or coworkers. In order to make your life easier and your experience so much more convenient, you can now forward not only one message at a time but multiple messages to multiple recipients.

Desktop features

You can’t miss the new text message forwarding button, which is right next to your message bubbles. And as an added bonus – you can now also forward files, links, instant videos and GIFs.

Desktop features

Forward multiple messages to multiple recipients by right clicking any message, selecting forward, and choosing the recipients you’d like to send your messages to.

Desktop features

Drag & Drop High-Quality Images

Send files up to 200MB through our improved drag & drop feature and take control over the quality of the files you send. If you tend to take high-quality photographs or want to share images taken by a professional photographer, this is the feature for you! You can choose to send files in their original (uncompressed) size when quality and size are important to you, or choose the usual (compressed) size if you’d like to ship off a bulk of items you need to send off quickly.

Forward multiple messages to multiple recipients and control the quality of your sent images and files with @Viber’s new Desktop features!- Click to Tweet

Simply drag your selected image into your chat and choose whether you’d like it to be sent at a usual (compressed) size or in its original size. This means you’ll need only Viber to send any type of high-quality image or file. And rest assured that your messages are secure.

Desktop features

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Learn more about the forwarding messages feature and about the drag & drop feature.