Our Top 3 User Love Story Picks

Valentine's Day post

Flowers. Chocolate. Red tablecloths. Candles. These are the basic things that come to mind when thinking of Valentine’s Day. Some might say it’s an overrated, commercial holiday, but we think any reason to celebrate love is good enough – just let us celebrate!

Still, the sentiment of sending flowers or going out for a romantic dinner for the sake of a single date on the calendar is not one we encourage. So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re steering clear of the clichés and using good old February 14th as an opportunity to tell our users’ love stories!

A couple of weeks ago, we asked users on Facebook to send us the weird, romantic, funny, crazy stories they share with their significant others and got some seriously great responses. Of the hundreds of stories that were shared, we picked three to have illustrated by our sticker artists. The talent behind Legcat, Lola, Freddie, Eve, Violet and many more beloved Viber sticker characters read the stories and created one-of-a-kind illustrations for the winners! Signed and print editions were sent to them with a note from our team.

All of the stories were uplifting and inspirational. Here are the three that were turned into a Legcat and Lola love story.

Alexandra, USA
Valentine's story USA

Alexandra and her boyfriend maintain a long-distance relationship between Prague and Los Angeles. Challenging, but doable! She shared a story from a deep-sea diving trip they went on in Hawaii and describes it as “one of the most memorable days of our lives.” They caught the biggest fish of the day – an 80-pound yellow-fin tuna! – and spent the evening eating fish, drinking wine and watching wild pigs and chickens run around them.

Ann, Sweden

Valentine's story Sweden

The meeting between Ann and her now-husband was less than romantic, but turned into love quickly when they finally had the chance to talk to each other. Ann’s friend was staying with her husband at the time when she went to visit him. When she came over to the house, she saw her husband sleeping on the couch and didn’t think very much of it. Eventually, they started up a conversation and the rest is history. Ann lived in the Philippines at the time and her husband in Sweden, so they both got on Viber and spoke daily, sharing pictures and playing games.

Nikolett, Hungary

Valentine's story Hungary

Nikolett found herself in Budapest with two things – a job as a receptionist at a firm and a crush on a manager who worked there. She didn’t think anything of it, since they rarely had common projects to work on. On her birthday, she was surprised when he handed her a stack of papers to photocopy with a gift inside – a little box, with a note inviting her to a glamorous dinner to celebrate. That first date at the fancy restaurant was the start of their story.

Thank you to everyone who shared their story! We love hearing about how Viber helps keep love alive all over the world!