3 Things We Know About TV Lovers

Watch shows on the go

If you aren’t familiar with Viki yet, it’s an international video streaming platform where millions of people can watch Asian shows and movies with subtitles translated into more than 200 languages. In September, Viki partnered with Viber to create an exclusive sticker pack and Public Account where fans could discuss their favorite shows and show moments. Since the launch date, the sticker pack has been downloaded by over 400,000 Viber users while over 304,000 users have followed the Viki Public Chat (truly staggering numbers!). With an international fan base, Viki removes both language and cultural barriers, uniting fans over a common passion.

1. We love chatting about TV shows

It’s no coincidence that Viki has been one of Viber’s fastest growing Public Accounts. In an eight-week period, the Viki Public Account garnered 821,203 views and 158,609 likes! In more simple terms, someone opened and engaged with the Public Account every six seconds! These numbers show the strong sense of community that the Viki Public Account offers to fans who love discussing their favorite shows.

Viki TV

2. We want to share the things that resonate with us

Viki TV’s sticker pack allows Viber users to authentically express themselves to their closest friends and family. In fact, over 350,000 Viki stickers are shared a week by our users! Each sticker illustrates a common but distinct experience we have when watching our favorite shows and movies. For instance, the pack’s most used sticker depicts a cartoon girl with hearts surrounding her. Users can use the sticker to spread the love to their friends in moments such as when their favorite fictional couple finally get together! Sometimes, stickers capture the moment better than words can.

3. TV dramas and movies unite us more that we think

Viki does an incredible job bringing people from different walks of life together. Viki’s TV dramas and movies are largely sourced from Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. Yet, it’s fascinating that the top five places Viki Public Chat followers originate from are the US, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. These five nationalities alone make up over 66% of Viki’s Public Chat followers! What’s more, is that the 60 participants leading the Public Chat are fans themselves from all over the world. Viber not only connects individuals through its messaging and call features, but its Public Chats serve as a global platform connecting individuals over a shared passion.

Viki TV

We all know TV shows and movies are one of the best ways to de-stress after a busy day. That’s why Viber and Viki have come together to bring the good vibes to you. The next time you’re struggling to express your emotions while watching a TV show, try using the Viki sticker pack. Likewise, if you want to join in on this amazing community, the Viki Public Account is right at your fingertips!

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