MWC 2018 Blog Preview

MWC 2018: Beyond AI, IoT and the Galaxy S9

MWC does a brilliant job of offering up a little bit of everything for their massive, diverse crowd but all

7 inspirational PA blog

7 Inspirational Accounts to Get You Motivated!

  Whether you like drinking a cup of coffee while you read the latest news update, or rather just chill out

how to stay safe online

How to Stay Safe Online

There’s no denying that the internet is an exceptional resource, but it has also opened us up to great risks,

Student scholarship

Win a $1,000 Student Scholarship from Viber!

  Juggling work and academic studies can get pretty difficult, not to mention staying in touch with family and friends if you

Your data is protected with Viber

Reminder: Your Data Is Protected with Viber

  With 50% of the global population having access to the internet, there’s no wonder that the need for privacy and security


Tenor Brings Rich GIF Technology to Viber

  When we launched the last round of Chat Extensions back in December we mentioned to be on the lookout for additional

How to call China

How to Call China from the USA

Missing your loved ones in China? Making calls to friends, family and coworkers should be cost-effective, simple and guarantee no

Viber’s 2017 Summary

2018, Here We Come: Viber’s 2017 Summary

There’s no denying 2017 was a good year for Viber! From exciting new partnerships with some of the biggest names

Good Vibes stories January

Start the New Year Right with January’s Good Vibes Stories

The new year only started but it’s never too late to make up your mind to be happier and kinder

Building Brands Through Connections

Building Brands Through Connections: 2017 CEE Workshops Roundup

Brand Integrations, Bots and Campaign Results Reign Supreme Viber hit the road and trekked across Zagreb, Belgrade and Budapest in November

Sticker mania

Sticker Mania: We’re Crazy for Stickers!

Sticker Day is coming up this January 13th and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve only just celebrated the Sticker

New on Viber for Desktop

Pin Important Messages to the Top of Your Group Chat

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy our newest group chat improvements on both your mobile and