Sticker Spotlight: Let’s go to the movies

2019 has brought us some incredible movies, and now you can keep the show going in your every day chats with these great sticker packs. Add some movie magic to your chats now!

What comes out of your bottle?

Nothing but water?

Now there’s no need to wish for some Aladdin’s Genie’s charm, you can get it from these fabulous stickers. Send your genie-in-a-chat messages now.

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He’s so Dumbo-dorable!

Dumbo the baby elephant is back and he’s more adorable than ever! Send your chat flying high with these Dumbo stickers, and add a touch of sweetness to any chat.

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Be smart with Spiderman

Shoot off those smart replies with Spiderman. Send one of these cheeky stickers faster than Spiderman can release his web!

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Don’t miss out on these “Incredible” stickers

Everyone’s favorite super family know how to keep it real, even while they are off saving the world. Make your chats incredible, and say exactly what you want to say with these great stickers.

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Bonus: These girls are golden

We know The Golden Girls isn’t a movie, but we just couldn’t leave these pure gold(-en girls) stickers out. Sass your chat with the pretty and witty Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia.

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