Master your Community: New ways to add members & more

Communities on Viber are growing and evolving all the time, offering you exciting opportunities to grow and engage with your audience.

As community superadmins and admins, you can do more in communities – from making it easier for people to add new members to your community, to helping them make safe connections.

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Invite new people to your community

We know how important it is to bring new members to your community, so that’s why we have updated the way to invite and add new people.

Anyone can add new members to a community simply by tapping on the share button at the top of the community screen and selecting up to 50 members to add to the community at a time.

Bring new members through virality

Your community could go viral throughout Viber when your members forward a message from your community to any of their friends, groups, or other communities. Every forwarded message has a label with your community name on it, so everyone who sees it knows where the message came from, and can tap the community name to join.

Help community members message privately and safely

The members of your community can chat between themselves in hidden-number chats, and stay safe, as they don’t share phone numbers.

As a community admin or super-admin you can choose whether you want to allow your members to message you 1on1. Your members will be able to send you hidden-number chats, meaning that neither of you can see each other’s phone number.

You can leave the 1on1 chat at any time and delete all of the messages you sent. You can also choose to block individual members from messaging you, either by not accepting their initial message, or by blocking them from inside the chat at any time.

Learn all about hidden-number chats in this blog.

Engage with your members with polls

Polls in communities are a great way to get your members opinions on any question you may ask, without being flooded with comments. Polls are quick and simple to set up inside a community, and you can watch how members vote in real-time.

Learn more about polls here.

Manage your community from your computer

You can manage your community from the convenience of Viber on your computer. Add new members, create polls, send messages, block members, reply to hidden-number chats, and more. Viber on your computer is fully synced with Viber on your phone, so you can continue managing your community seamlessly.

Take these ideas and enjoy taking your community to the next level!