Stickers Best Practices

Brands use native advertising to reach audiences in a contextually relevant and non-intrusive way, which resonates well with consumers. Globally, the predictions are that advertisers will be moving 25% of their marketing budgets from traditional advertising to native advertising by 2022. According to Business Insider, native advertising will drive 74% of all advertising revenue by 2021. Marketers can create native ads in the form of consumer content, influencer marketing, topical articles, mobile apps, social media, eye-catching videos and stickers.

Stickers are an area where Viber has thrived for years, with over 2.5bn sent each month. Users love to share them and send them in a natural, conversational manner, which is exactly how brands also want to engage with users. That’s why we built a “Stickers Best Practice” guide (below).

We’ve analyzed the various sticker components and have provided tips and tricks to ensure your stickers are not only fun enough for our users, but interesting enough to drive results.


Stickers are a fun and often new ad type for people to experiment with in their marketing. Having said that, many of the same words and types of text will and will not work. Be expressive, thematic and conversational. Don’t be offensive, careless and don’t just showcase your product without thinking of the context of how stickers get used by consumers. It will not resonate.


There is a massive opportunity to be creative with the stickers you create. The key is not to go overboard— build a vibrant, legible and cohesive sticker pack that ties back to your brand and/or campaign. Avoid turning your stickers into just another digital ad that disinterests users.


We already have users’ attention in the app for 30+ minutes every day per user, so give them something to hear too. Pairing the imagery with audio can have a tremendous impact on delivering your message as well as scaling the reach and exposure of your stickers. Testing both static and animated stickers with sound is crucial to understanding what works for your brand.

Pro tip: Use the most native form of ads on the market—the do’s and don’ts of stickers.

Download the full infographic here.