Wave Hi to Viber’s New Emoticons

Everybody loves emoticons. They are a central feature of any chat, just because they can add so much without words:

  • Color  
  • Flavor  
  • Great expression  
  • Quick to use  

Viber’s emoticons have been around since 2013, and now, we’re super excited to unveil 74 fresh new emoticons, to give you more ways to express yourself. Added to our popular existing emoticons, you now have 287 emoticons to enrich each and every chat!

Some new emoticons to look out for  include:

The eyeroll at the end of the classic smiley faces, for those times someone says something dumb;

A dinosaur , which is with the porcupine  among the animals, perfect to let a friend know they told you old news;

Summer emoticons  next to new weather emoticons  great to celebrate summer;

And more  !

The icing on the cake?

Whenever you send a single emoticon in a message, it will appear in supersize.

Android and Desktop users may already know this feature, now iPhone users can join in the fun .

Check out all Viber’s emoticons on your app and add more to your chats. Why not tell us on Twitter which is your favorite new emoticon!

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