From Brands to Fans: always inspires fans to present themselves in strong, healthy and stylish ways. From the hottest fashion trends to the latest fitness routines and to juicy celebrity gossip, their fans are never bored. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with them to build an extension of their booming publication. leveraged Viber’s business solutions to engage a heavily-active Greek audience with constant entertainment, unique content and contests. Here’s how it worked:

  •’s Public Account and Public Chat launched as a destination for followers to receive exclusive fashion content, 1-to-1 messages and Viber-specific promotions.
  • Their branded Sticker Pack was a native way to engage existing and new fans while introducing them to their Public Account and Public Chat.
  • The bot experience was the catalyst for their concert series contest with the winner receiving tickets to a concert in Paris.

Within three months, was able to use Viber to give existing and new readers a singular destination for everything the publication has to offer plus more.

“We wanted to build a singular destination to meaningfully connect with fans. The technology, tools and active female audience that Viber offers allowed us to quickly and happily call them home,” Panagiotis Bomis, Group Publishing General Manager at DPG.GR told Viber.

During the three-month program, saw tremendous results:

  • Public Chat Followers 495K (+330% more followers than Facebook page)
  • Bot Subscribers 420K+
  • User-to-Bot Messages 320K+
  • Sticker Pack Downloads 495K+
  • Stickers Shared 8.4M+
  • Sticker Virality 15 (Stickers Sent/Downloaded) delivers entertainment, wellness and life advice to its fans. Creating a digital environment where their audience already spends a considerable amount of time is about as natural as it gets and we’re thrilled to have them as a Viber partner.

See the full success story here.