Mentions, 60-Second Audio Messages & Auto-Backup

Mentions blog post

The latest version of Viber is out and it’s packed with new features, performance improvements and ways for you to make sure your message history is there when you need it. Check out what’s new!


Group chats are extremely useful when you want to keep in touch with a group of people at once but we all know that they can get a bit too noisy and clattered. Sometimes you need to grab someone’s attention in a group chat and this can be difficult, however you can do that easily with our newest feature, Mentions. Mentions makes sure that your messages to specific people don’t get lost in the shuffle of busy conversations.

How does it work? Any participant can type “@” which will prompt a list of all participants in that group chat to appear on your screen. Choose one or more than one name from the list and when you send the message, the participant tagged will receive a notification. Members who have their group chat on mute will also receive a notification if they were mentioned by other users so that they stay in the loop and don’t miss out on anything important.

Longer Audio Messages

Since Audio Messages are one of Viber’s most popular messaging features, with hundreds of millions sent every month, we’ve noticed that they often reach the maximum recording length. We understand that you need more conversation time and therefore we have extended the recording length to 60 seconds, giving you a fresher, more enhanced sound quality.

Audio and history backup features

Automatic Backups

Sometimes in the hussle and bussle of our busy lives, we find it hard to remember to backup our messages and unfortunately our phones tend to break. Already available for iOS users, Android users now have the option to enable automatic backups for their entire chat history. This feature is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so your chats will always be stored away safely.

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