How to Call France from the USA

How to call France from the USA- Viber Out

Staying in touch with friends and family can be quite the challenge, no matter where you are. That’s why finding a cost-effective and simple way to call them without having to worry about hidden fees or a complicated calling process is a must. Here’s our how-to guide to help you learn how to call France from the USA without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat.

Getting Started

There is one time zone in France, which makes things easier on the one hand. However, when calling France from the USA you should first check to see what time it is in France so you don’t accidentally wake anyone up. Once you’ve figured out the time difference, follow these instructions.

Call France Landlines and Cellular Numbers

011 – The USA exit code, which needs to be dialed whenever you’re making an international call from the USA or Canada.

33 – France calling code

Area code – Check out this list of France area codes to find the one you need.

Phone number – May not begin with 0 and should be made up of 9 digits.

This is an example of what your call to Paris, France from New York in the USA should look like:

011 33 1???? ????

In order to call a French cell phone, follow this format: 011 33 6 ?? ?? ?? ?? (or 7 ?? ?? ?? ??)

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With Viber Out’s low calling rates you can stay in touch with your loved ones no matter where they are. Learn more about how to call different countries from the USA by checking out our how-to series, in which we teach users how to call China from the USAhow to call Nigeria from the USAhow to call the UKhow to call Mexico from the USA, and so much more.

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*Rates are subject to change.

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