Introducing Viber Communities

Introducing Viber Communities

We’re proud to announce Viber’s newest feature – Viber Communities! Think group chat—with unlimited members, more admin controls and new conversation features.

Viber Communities offers a chat space where up to a whopping 1 billion members will be able to exchange messages and engage with one another, and Community admins now have the perfect product for managing, engaging, and growing large-scale, active groups around interests, experiences, causes and more!

Tiered Management Roles: Superadmins, admins and Community members

One of the biggest challenges community managers face when their communities begin to expand is keeping their conversations on track and making sure participants stay focused on the community’s goals. Viber Communities provides tiered management roles and powerful moderation tools so that every Community owner has the flexibility to create the environment they envision for their Community. Superadmins control Community member roles, with the ability to add members and promote them to admin or superadmin status, ban or block members, decide whether or not they can participate in conversations, and if they can invite new members into the Community.

Superadmins can even grow their Communities and make them accessible to new members by enabling a share link, or revoking the link at any time. They can assign admins to support them in moderating conversations, with the option to delete one or all messages sent by any member, and by pinning messages to guide discussions. Admins also have the ability to add or remove members when needed.

New Community members have access to the complete history of a Community and can contribute to the conversation with all of Viber’s messaging features—such as GIFs, stickers, pictures, videos, and, of course, simple text. Maintaining Viber’s commitment to user privacy and security, only members’ names are displayed within the Community, with their phone numbers remaining hidden from other members.

Today marks the beginning of the gradual rollout to users globally. Stay tuned for more developments and write to us on Twitter about the Community you can’t wait to open!