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Service Messages Green V

Our Service Messages include a seal of approval to let users know they’re not receiving spam.

Remember when SMS was an efficient marketing tactic for most brands? Now consumers often view these messages as spam, which yields poor brand affinity and financial return. Spam messages are being sent in droves throughout many parts of the world, where spammers are attempting to mimic brands, hurting the legitimacy of the companies and putting users at risk.

A2P SMS has emerged as the preferred alternative, offering an authentic and more efficient way to message consumers—and in a big way. It’s estimated to be worth $74 billion by 2021!*

Viber’s A2P solution, Service Messages, has been a tremendous way for brands to engage consumers with great efficiency. Given that safety and security are a core pillar of our product, applying that to any message between brand-user is paramount. One of the most crucial features to ensure that Service Messages delivers for consumers and brands is Green V.

Green V lets users know that Viber has authenticated the brand of a message and that it is not spam or fraud. Users can also easily update their subscription to the service at any point in time.

Here are the four ways to clearly distinguish Service Messages:

  1. “Green V” marking
  2. Authentic branding (both name and icon)
  3. “Why am I seeing this?” banner within the top of the message
  4. “I” unsubscribe button

Including Green V into Service Messages gives users the assurance they need to click on a message and offers brands the ROI they want for their marketing. Pair that with the fact that brands only pay for a message that is opened by a user and one can understand why Service Messages are proving to be a big hit with Viber’s partners.

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*GSMAi estimate