Tenor Brings Rich GIF Technology to Viber

When we launched the last round of Chat Extensions back in December we mentioned to be on the lookout for additional and exciting partners joining Viber. Well just one month later we’re thrilled to announce the latest and greatest Chat Extension partner, Tenor.

For those of you not familiar with Tenor, their GIF technology makes it easy for people to visually convey what’s on their mind. Hundreds of millions of users search for billions of GIFs and videos from the content creators all of the world. All of this makes the partnership with Viber a great pair.

Tenor’s Chat Extension lets users easily search and share a myriad of hilarious and expressive GIFs, but with a twist. Their technology suggests tags for users to better search and deliver the perfect GIF to their family and friends. GIF results are also personalized based on a user’s language preference, making delivering the perfect GIF even simpler. Deeper and more intuitive recommendations are what has helped Tenor rapidly grow and their Chat Extension puts them front and center in front of our active, global audience.

Tenor B2B GIF

Chat Extensions are continuing to scale as we strive to give users any and all tools to communicate freely. Brands are continually seeking high-impact and native ways to reach consumers in a relevant manner. Products like these are a great solution for these brands and our partners couldn’t agree more.

If your brand is interested in hosting a Chat Extension on Viber let us know. Keep your eyes peeled for additional partnership announcements with more incredible brands in 2018.