Your Alternative to the Traditional Landline Phone Service

Your Alternative to the Traditional Landline

Not so long ago we all relied on landline phones as our main means of communication. However, the cell phone has since taken over and many landline phone services have taken advantage of that fact, raising their pricing and adding hidden fees to their bottom line. Although the majority of us are attached or rather addicted to our cell phones, we all still have a few landline numbers we need to reach on a regular basis. Whether you’re calling your parents at home, your grandmother or aunt or even a workplace, landlines are not yet a thing of the past. That’s precisely why finding the best landline phone service is crucial.

While Viber enables you to enjoy Viber-to-Viber calls for free, our Viber Out service offers the best alternative to the traditional landline phone services that keep increasing their bottom line. Viber Out enables users to connect with either non-Viber users or people who don’t have an internet connection. Other than dialing cell phones at the cheapest rates, Viber Out includes home phone calling plans to make your landline calls cheaper and more affordable.

Each country has its own cellular and landline rates, but in case you’re planning on making frequent calls to a landline, you should opt for one of Viber Out’s calling plans:

Credit Plans

With a credit plan, you can purchase Viber Out credit in order to make calls to any number in the world at Viber’s low rates. You can purchase any amount and it will be added to your balance.

30-Day Calling Plans

With the calling plan you can make international calls to landlines for the duration of 30 days, which makes for a great solution in case you happen to be traveling abroad for a month and need to reach friends and family.

Monthly Subscription Plans

In case you know you’ll be making frequent international calls to a specific destination, the monthly subscription plan is the best calling plan you can choose. It enables you to call landlines as well as mobile phones at low rates without having to worry about renewing your subscription.

Viber Out is constantly coming out with special offers and deals for specific locations. Follow the Viber Out calling rates page to find the best alternative to the traditional landline phone service as well as the best deals and rates.

If you haven’t downloaded Viber yet, get it today!

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