8 Tips for Moving Abroad

Moving abroad checklist

If you thought moving apartments was a difficult task, you can only imagine the logistical nightmare that is moving abroad. Whether you’re moving abroad permanently or temporarily, knowing exactly what you need to prepare beforehand, particularly if you’re moving overseas, is crucial. That’s precisely why we’ve organized a moving abroad checklist to help minimize last-minute organizations and panic and get you to your destination as carefree as you can possibly be.

The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist

The longer you have to prepare for your move the better. However, even if you’ve got a ton of things to get done before you leave, console yourself with the fact that you will probably visit your hometown sometime in the near future and take care of any bureaucracy you need to tend to.

Get Your Things Organized

Moving abroad is kind of like figuring out which clothes you’d like to get rid of when the seasons change, but have to do that for your entire apartment. Figuring out what you’d like to take with you versus what you’d like to part ways with is not always simple, which is why you need to consider having a yard sale, giving away some of your belongings or moving them with you abroad.

If that’s the case, you will have to determine which company to use in order to ship your belongings. Find out what their policies are, whether they require you to pack your home in advance or not, what the moving abroad shipping costs are, and whether the companies you’ve narrowed it down to offer any type of insurance.

Prepare for the Paperwork

When it comes to moving apartments, let alone moving countries, it’s essential you keep all your paperwork in order.  If you don’t want to have to take too many folders filled with papers, apps like Evernote offer an easy way of organizing your most important documents. You should make sure to keep all the documents relating to your current home country and apartment, from taxes to bills you’ve paid for. Find out if you need a temporary visa and how long will it take for you to become a resident and a citizen. In case you haven’t cut ties with your current home country, make sure you know what your obligations are, particularly ones relating to your taxes. Expanding your knowledge on all these matters as well as keeping track of all your paperwork will make an otherwise stressful and unorganized situation way more manageable.

Passports and Visas

Is your passport up to date? Make sure you’ve got any final confirmation regarding visas you may need in the country you’re moving to. In case you have a family pet, this is the time to look into the paperwork and vaccinations the move will require of them as well.

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Find Your Next Home

Nothing will make you feel more connected to the place you’re moving to than finding a cozy place to call home. Before you move find out you’ve got all the documentation you’ll be required to present in order to rent or buy an apartment in the country you’re moving to. You may want to check out online forums to get an idea of the documents you’ll need. You will most likely be needing your passport and ID card, a tax returns statement, bank statement, a list of your past address and recommendations from past employers or homeowners. Get your friends and family on board as well, since you will probably need a few references from them, too. And if you happen to have any in the country you’re moving to, even better.

Visit Beforehand

Getting familiar with the place you’re soon going to call home is a good idea, so if you’ve got the chance go visit the country and city you’re moving to – make sure to do it prior to your big move. See if you can squeeze a few meetings with locals or with local property agencies while you’re at it.

Job Hunt

Unless you’re relocating for a job offer, finding a job is crucial to your move. In order to move abroad and get a job as quickly as you can, make sure your CV is tailored to local tastes, and if you happen to manage a visit before your move try to go to as many interviews as possible. Also, be sure to get a LinkedIn profile going and put out the word that you’re moving and looking for work.

Stay in Touch

One of the biggest frustrations you might get when first moving abroad is figuring out ways to stay in touch with friends and family without having to put aside any hope of ever visiting since calling them will break your bank. Instead, consider portable VoIP options that will enable you to talk to your loved ones from both mobile and desktop. Viber can help you stay in touch with other Viber users for absolutely free. And in case you’re to reach someone back in your homeland who doesn’t have an internet access or cell phone Viber’s Viber Out calling service will enable you to do so at a low-rate. Learn about all the different calling plans and rates for your preferred location.

Learn the Language

Many countries today speak English, however, if you’re planning on moving to a non-Anglophone country, you may want to start working on learning the local language. It will not only make your move easier, but it will also impress the locals.

Now that you’ve got these 8 tips down as part of your ultimate moving abroad checklist, be sure to share them with anyone you know who’s planning on venturing on a similar adventure. And in case you haven’t yet, download Viber in order to better stay in touch with your friends and family back at home as well as your new local friends!