Replace Your Best Friend with a Bot

Replace your BFF with a bot

With more and more brands creating bots in order to reach their potential users through messaging apps like Viber, there’s no wonder chatbots are becoming increasingly influential in day to day life. So much so, that we wanted to show you how a bot could replace your best friend. Well, obviously not actually replace, but it could help you get the answers for all the different things you tend to ask your BFF. From fashion advice to dating advice, our Viber bots are here to help you when your bestie isn’t available.

The Usual BFF Question: What should I wear tonight?

There’s no doubt that your best friend will be there for you through thick and through thin, helping you solve much more burning issues than what you should wear. However, choosing what to wear, particularly if you’re going to a special event or an interview, can make a world of difference, and making sure your attire suits the weather forecast is not any less important.

Poncho is a bot that will give you personal weather forecasts based on your specific location and help you better prepare for the day ahead. Fashion Daily will then enable you to choose from several categories in order to find the perfect outfit, which you will then be able to shop for on several sites. If that isn’t enough, and you’d like to get advice regarding your existing wardrobe options, you can always create a “Swell” using Swelly. In order to create a “Swell”, in which other users vote for their favorite choice between two options, simply upload two images of the clothing options you’re debating between, and let other users help you choose the best one.

The Usual BFF Question: Where should we go out?

One of the things every two or more best friends tend to do is try to figure out where the should go out to. Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot will help you find the hippest place to go out to no matter what city you’re in. You can even ask this friendly cat for some fun cat facts and cat images, while you decide which of the options it gave you is the best location for your next outing.

The Usual BFF Question: Should I be eating this?

Keeping track of your diet and having to manually write everything you eat or drink during the day can get pretty tiresome, not to mention time-consuming. Instead of asking your best friend whether the food you’re about to eat will make you gain a pound, check out the Forksy bot. Not only will it help you make healthier food choices, but it will also keep track of your calorie consumption, which we bet your actual BFF won’t do.

The Usual BFF Question: Do you think he/she is cute?

Best friends help us get through breakups, just as much as they help us try meet someone new. Even if you have a different taste than your bestie, getting advice from your friend on whether you should make a move or not can mean a lot. However, thanks to Viber’s Foxsy bot you can skip the awkward face-to-face introductions and start chatting with people who share similar interests to yours. Foxsy lets you scroll through images and profiles and find the best match you’d like to meet in person.

The Usual BFF Question: Anything interesting happen? What did I miss?

One of the things you can usually count on your best friend for is being in the know about everything, from the latest gossip about your favorite celebrities to the most recent news relating to the people you actually know. With Gossip on Sequel you’ll be able to get the dish on all the celebrity gossip you need. For more serious news, sign up to the Tech Talk bot that will send you personalized tech news updates once a day. And if that isn’t enough, you can even work on your next conversation starter by signing up to the Smart UP! bot that will send you daily updates according to your interests.

Now that we’ve shown you all the ways bots can become your best friends, we suggest you give your real-life bestie a call and check them out together. After all, no matter how good technology becomes, there isn’t an actual substitute for the advice from the people who matter most to you. But, you have to admit, bots do come pretty close.