How to Call Canada from the USA

How to call Canada from the USA

With over 600 thousand Americans living in Canada, there’s a big chance there’s someone there you’d like to stay in touch with. Since calling Canada from the USA can get pricey with other providers offering rates averaging $0.49 per minute, you should really do your homework before you start dialing your loved ones. Read on to learn how to call Canada from the USA.

Getting Started:

With six primary time zones you want to make sure you’re calling your loved ones in Canada at the best possible time. In order to make sure you’re not waking anyone up or calling way too late, make sure you check the exact time in Canada in comparison with your exact location. Now that you’ve figured out the ideal time to call, follow these simple instructions in order to learn how to call Canada from the USA:

Dial 1 + area code + local phone number

1- is the Canada Country Code.

Area Code – a 3 digit number. Check out this map of Canadian area codes.

Phone number – a 7 digit number.

Which means your USA to Canada dialing format should look like this: 1 ??? ??? ????

If you wish to call a mobile number in Canada from the USA, follow this simple step and dial:

1 + Area Code + Local Number

Since both Canada and the United States are members of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan) when calling between these countries, “1” is used instead of the country exit code.

Now that you’ve got your calling format down, you should consider your calling options. While Canada and the USA may seem close, calling between the countries can get expensive and complicated. If you’d like to make your life a whole lot easier and cost effective, simply choose one of our Viber Out calling plans.

Viber Out Call Rates from 1.9¢ per Minute*

By purchasing a Viber Out calling plan and learning how to call Canada from the USA, you’ll be saving yourself money knowing you’re not going overboard with your calls, like you might have been with a traditional calling card.

If the person you’re calling internationally happens to have a Viber account, you’ll be able to make free Viber to Viber calls with them. However, if they don’t necessarily have a Viber account, a cell phone or even an internet connection, there’s no doubt Viber Out is your best option.

Viber Out rates* for calling Canada from the USA run from 1.9¢ per minute for both mobile and landline. And our pre-paid packages start at $4.99 for 263 minutes, $9.99 for 526 minutes to $24.99 to call a Canadian mobile phone for 1,315 minutes.

And, if you’d like to learn how to call Mexico from the USA or how to call India from the USA, check out our posts to learn about special rates and low-rate calling plans.

If you don’t have a Viber account yet, make sure to download Viber so you can make free Viber to Viber calls and Viber Out calls at low rates!


*Rates are subject to change.

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