Now You Can Up Your Photo Game with Stickers

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When we introduced the Sticker Market four years ago, we knew that people would love stickers, but we couldn’t have imagined that they would become like us here at Viber – which is, well, obsessed.

In 2016, we saw nearly 600 million (yes, million!) sticker pack downloads and 40 billion (yes, billion!) stickers sent between users. Those are mind-blowing numbers, but we can attribute them to the in-depth thought that goes into the concept and design of each individual sticker. Our guiding rule when creating stickers is that if we can’t think of a situation in which we’d use a particular sticker, we toss it. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that stickers are such an integral part of the way people use Viber to communicate.

But Viber users don’t just send stickers. Stickers are actually the third most popular message type after texting – and second after photos. Nowadays, some of us are only taking photos because we want to share them. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Naturally, we saw this as an opportunity to enhance the photo sending experience through Viber.

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We’ve revamped everything about photo editing through the app, including giving you the option to add text and doodles. The most exciting part? We’ve made all of your cherished stickers available for decorating the photos you send. In addition to your entire sticker collection, we’ve included a special pack with items such as hats, glasses, beards and other fun designs to dress up your photos and the people in them.

Try adding #ViberStickers to your photos before you send them on the latest version of @Viber. It’s so much fun!  – Click to Tweet

By bringing stickers into the world of photo-sharing, you can enjoy endless opportunities to get creative with the way you express yourself. The next time you go to send a photo, try editing it with your favorite stickers and see where your creativity takes you.

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Have fun!!