10 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes for 2017

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Whose fave: Michael, COO | Why: “I think life is about the choices we make. Even if a wrong choice was made, it’s better to be in the direction you are passionate about. This way you will enjoy the journey and not only the result.”

Many of us head into a new year wondering how it’s going to be different from the last. The truth is, unless we’re really set on a goal or achievement of some kind, not much will change. If things are good or, at least, decent we’ll float on. If things aren’t the greatest, we might hope for change, but we won’t make any moves towards it.

Getting inspired at the start of each year is easy. Everyone’s on the same bandwagon, so hopping on is a no-brainer.  Staying inspired throughout the year is the real challenge. We went around the Viber offices asking people what quotes they always look to when they need some extra encouragement. You’ll find the push you need in at least one of these if and when you fall off that bandwagon.

Whose fave: Shai, Content and Social Media Manager

Why: “It pretty much says that success is up for grabs and I love that idea. Everyone has a different way of approaching things and an equal opportunity at being the most successful.”Get inspired

Whose fave: Micha, Support Team Leader

Why: “In my experience, instilling habits has been the key to achieving my goals. Fresh ideas are always exciting and motivation can sweep you up at first, but if you don’t create the habits to support your goals, you’ll have a difficult time reaching them.”

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Whose fave: Meital, Senior Product Manager

Why: “The best things I’ve ever experienced in life came from a deliberate decision to overcome my fears. Being aware that nothing is worse than standing still has gotten me to make moves that have affected my life for the better, more often than not.”

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Whose fave: Roni, UI/UX Designer

Why: “Split seconds into reading this quote, I can already implement its meaning. Immediately, I think back to even just the past half hour and I’m reminded that my perspective is the difference between a good day and a bad one.”Get inspired

Whose fave: Michelle, Content Writer

Why: “This quote reminds me that I am free and able to do my own thing. I don’t need to do something that doesn’t suit me just because others are doing it.”

Whose fave: Mauricio, QA Engineer

Why: “This quote captures the essence of seizing opportunity. When you get an offer you know won’t come around again for a long time, you have to roll with it.”

Whose fave: Matan, Product Marketing Manager

Why: “It’s just the truth. Hard work and determination are the only two things that are absolutely required if you want to achieve your goals. No shortcuts!”

Whose fave: Nadav, Global PR Lead

Why: “It sums up what I believe is the right attitude towards life. Regardless of professional or personal life, every individual is ultimately responsible for taking the steps towards the path they want to be on.”
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Whose fave: Zoe, Sticker Market Content Manager

Why: “Every so often we need to take a step back and look at things from a different angle. I try to keep this quote I mind when I’m stuck on something. I almost always find new inspiration.”