Hard-hitting Journalism Comes to Viber Public Chats in BBC Stories

bbc on viber

I’m Sally and I work on Public Chats. I want to tell you about a very exciting project happening today. In a pilot, BBC World News is bringing its hard-hitting storytelling to Viber.

For the first time the international news channel’s current affairs programme Our World will unveil the story of a real life kidnapping case in a pilot Public Chat called BBC Stories. You can follow the real story of ‘Maria’ and her husband ‘Jose’ (not their real names). Jose was taken by kidnappers in central Mexico last year. From today you will be able to see their story unfold as if in real time over the course of a week, through animation, text and stills, including interviews with a kidnapper and a negotiator.

bbc on viber

Maria and Jose’s story is part of a wider documentary called Our World: Kidnapped in Mexico that will be broadcast from Friday 11th March on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel. We’re delighted to be able to bring you this exclusive experience on Viber first. You can follow the Public Chat here to get an intimate look into the lives of the real people behind this incredible documentary.

BBC stories on Viber