When Small Changes Make a Big Difference

  Since we became part of the Rakuten family in 2014, Viber has been on a constant stream of innovation, adding new features and perfecting existing ones as well as enhancing the quality of our calls and services. Sometimes, new additions to the app are rather small and help us to gain great insights into … Read More >

Think Global: Cultivating a Global Team Culture

It’s only been seven years since Viber was founded, and what started as a modest startup with big dreams is now a global company that connects over 900 million users worldwide. In 2014 we joined the Rakuten family, becoming a part of one of the most successful Internet companies in Japan. We’ve continued to grow … Read More >

The Future of Messaging Is In-App Shopping

  The advent of mobile technology has made way for people to take on more in less time and with less effort. Increasingly, our social activities have transferred from the real world to the virtual one in the name of convenience and efficiency. We plan events, have work meetings, play games, meet our soulmates, learn … Read More >