Celebrate World Emoji Day with Your Favorite Emoticons!

world emoji day

It’s July 17th, which could only mean one thing – it’s World Emoji Day! Celebrate by sharing a Viber emoticon to your favorite people.

Viber’s emoticons have been around since 2013, and we’ve recently updated the pack with 74 more emoticons, including the eye roll, dinosaur and rainbow emoticon! That means you now have 287 emoticons that you can send in any type of chat.

The emoticon you choose to send will appear in supersize so that no one will miss seeing it. It’s super easy to share emojis on Viber: all you need to do is open a chat, tap on the sticker button and find the emoticon you’d like to send in the emoticons pack. On Desktop, the menu will appear at the bottom right of your screen.

Here are some examples of when using an emoticon makes for the best comeback:

When you’re planning a surprise party and need to keep things hush hush:

When you can’t decide which summer treat you’d like to enjoy at the beach:

When you can’t wait for the day to end:

When you just don’t get it:

When you feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness because sometimes people are the best:

When someone gets your obsession with dinosaurs:

world emoji day - emoticons

When an emoticon looks good enough to eat:

world emoji day - emoticons

There are so many more emoticons for you to play around with! Now all that’s left to do is celebrate Emoji Day by sending your favorite ones to all your friends.

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