Good Vibes: April Edition

good vibes stories April edition

Get in the mood for spring with these awesome good vibes stories, the April edition! From the story of a chance meeting on a plane transforming three people’s lives to the tale of the incredible stork that flies over 8,000 miles every year to see his injured mate, these stories are bound to make you smile! Enjoy these and share with the people you love most!

Watch the inspirational moment in which Pat Quinn, the co-founder of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” hears his own voice after having lost the ability to speak due to his disease.


Talk about true love! This devoted male stork has just completed his 16th flying expedition back home to visit his handicapped mate who can’t fly. Watch the video made nearly two years ago about this pair of (quite literally) love birds!


This story will bring tears to your eyes! Watch as a chance meeting between a pregnant woman and a stranger on a plane leads to an emotional adoption.


After being trapped and nearly dying, this injured squirrel finds a loving home with the help of a hot new pair of wheels.


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