How to Call the UK from the USA

How to call UK from the USA

With over a million Brits living in the USA chances are you have a loved one or a colleague you’d like to stay in touch with across the pond. And while you may already know how to make international calls for free, it doesn’t mean you should use a calling card to the UK from the US when calling for free isn’t an option. Learn how to call your family and friends without breaking the bank with this simple guide on how to call the UK, which includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, from the USA.

In order to see to it that you’re not waking up anyone you’re interested in calling, check the current UK time. Once you’ve made sure whoever you’d like to talk to is wide awake, follow these instructions to call the UK, and dial:

011 – The USA exit code, which needs to be dialed whenever you’re making an international call from the USA or Canada.

44 – Country Code for the UK

Phone Number – May not begin with 0.

In order to call a UK landline, check the area code, then dial the area code (2 to 5 digits) and the local number, a total of 10 digits (4-8 digits including the area code plus the requested phone number, making 10 digits).

Calling the United Kingdom from the United States requires you to dial according to this format when calling a UK landline: 011 + 44 + Area Code + ???? ????

For London, for example, dial: 011 + 44 + 20 ???? ????

In order to call a mobile phone from the US, your requested phone number should include 10 digits.

This is the format for dialing a UK cell phone: 011 + 44 + 7??? ??? ???

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