6 Times You Desperately Wished You Could Delete Messages

Delete Messages

We’ve all done or said things we regret, and while some things can be taken back, others are not as simple to erase. From accidentally texting your boss to texting your ex when you wish you hadn’t, we’ve compiled a list of the times the option to delete your messages would have been a welcome option to your wishing you could crawl under a rock and stay there forever.

Sending a Message to the Wrong Person

Delete Messages

We all have our opinions and can’t wait to share them with our friends, even if we’re still at work. And since we’ve gotten used to fast communication, we don’t always take the extra minute to check that what we’ve written was actually sent to the person we wanted to send it to. Let’s just say, things can get ugly if you don’t realize who you’ve sent a message to.

From telling your boss you’re sick at home and accidentally sending them a picture of you sunbathing at the beach to sharing embarrassing information about your love life with your parents, you want to make sure you’re sending your message to the right person.

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Messaging Your Ex

There’s nothing quite as bad as messaging your ex after a breakup, and it may even be worse if it’s been awhile since you both broke up. Hurtful breakups can get you to do things you regret. So, unless you know you’ll be able to delete your message to your ex telling them how much you miss them, simply don’t write it.

Making Grammatical Mistakes

This type of message you wish you could delete may not entirely be something you can control. We’ve all experienced bad and awkward grammatical corrections that gave the text we wrote a totally different meaning than the one we intended. In case you sent a grammatically incorrect text that perhaps spells out something embarrassing or out of line, you might want to try to apologize, or change your name and move out of town.

Saying the Wrong Thing At the Wrong Time

Delete Messages

In the same way you should be tactful in person, you should probably hold your tongue, or rather your keyboard, when it comes to sending a message. Being insensitive to people is easier than you think, and sometimes words can hurt or embarrass someone more than actions ever could. In fact, we’re sure you’d love it if you could delete some words said in anger during a fight with a friend or loved one.

Sending a Photo You Don’t Want Anyone Else to See

If you thought sending your text message to the wrong person or having it read by the unintended recipient is bad, just imagine if it were your photo or video being viewed by the wrong pair of eyes (think: the 2014 infamous iCloud celebrity photo breach). Photos can be extremely personal, which is precisely why you should always send sensitive information through our Secret Chats feature.

Sharing Gossip

Delete Messages

Are you sharing your true thoughts about your co-worker or supposed friend in a message? Big mistake! Unless your chat is secret and you’ve doubled checked you’re sending it to the correct person, messaging gossip to your friends can get you in a lot of trouble and make you lose friends or a workplace. It could also hurt someone’s feelings you may not have intended to hurt in the first place.

Words Have Consequences but There’s a Solution

Now that you’ve thought about all the times one of these scenarios happened to you or someone you know, we’re here to tell you you can rest assured since we’ve got just the solution for you. Viber allows users to delete their messages from any device that they were sent to so that no one will be able to see them!

Within any chat you can delete your message so that no one sees it.

  • iPhone: Tap and hold the message > Select “Delete” > Select “Delete for everyone”
  • Android:  Tap and hold the message > Select “Delete for everyone”
  • Desktop: Right click the message > Select “Delete for everyone”

In other words, if no one saw it, it simply never existed in the first place. So while you should take a moment to review any message you send prior to sending it, you can also send your messages stress-free, knowing that worst case scenario you’ll always be able to delete them.

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