What It’s Really Like Being in a Group Chat

Viber group chat

Group chats – you can’t live with them, but you sure can’t live without them. Communicating with several people at once definitely has its perks but it can also cause for some awkward moments. No matter how many people you may be chatting with in private, no one really knows what it’s like being in a group chat unless they’re in one. All we can say is that we hope you don’t get over 100 unread messages in the time it takes you to check out this blog post, but we can’t guarantee it, so be fast about it.

That one friend on your squad who simply won’t be ignored

The feeling you get when everyone is talking about things that are unrelated to you and you feel ignored in a group chat

Anticipating your friend’s responses to your stroke of genius

Enjoying the attention when your contribution is acknowledged

Viber group chat

Losing it when you get 300 messages in 7 minutes

Not being able to do anything on your mobile since everyone is busy congratulating someone in your group chat who happens to have a birthday today

The satisfaction you get when you choose the best group photo

Viber group chat

That mysterious moment when one of your group members decides to message you in private

And when things get really heavy when they open a secret chat for just the two of you

The growing feeling of frustration when you’re trying to coordinate with everyone

When you create the exact same group chat minus that one person you can’t stand

The satisfaction you get when you remember Viber has a delete message option

Playing dumb when everyone drills you about what you deleted


The moment when someone asks you about something that went on when you had your group chat on mute, and you have no idea what they’re talking about

Whenever you think about that person who keeps writing “lice” instead of “love” because of auto-correct

Viber group chat

When you just have to send your new favorite YouTube video to your group

When nothing is quite as fun as being able to describe your feelings through stickers
Viber group chat

The excitement you get when your entire group is set to meet in person

Group chats can be the best thing since bread came sliced. If you haven’t yet tried them out for yourself, make sure to download Viber today and start sharing your biggest moments with your favorite people on your personal group chat.