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It seems that users of certain messaging apps around the world are still worried about their data being mishandled and breached on different social platforms. Having learned that there are messaging apps that read users’ most personal chats, listen in on their conversations and sell those private chats to others for profit is concerning.

Unlike other messaging apps that supposedly offer their users protection and privacy, when it comes down to it, Viber is the only one that delivers 100% privacy.

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With Viber, you can rest assured knowing that your personal chats are always protected and private and that all your conversations are your own. Here’s a reminder of the ways in which Viber helps protect your privacy:

We can’t read your Viber chats, by default

It’s impossible for Viber to read or listen to any of your chats or calls because we use end-to-end encryption by default for all your private and group chats as well as your calls. Ever since we introduced full end-to-end encryption, it’s been our top priority to make it the Viber standard.

Other messaging apps will not fully encrypt your chats automatically for you unless you actively turn ON the encryption mode. This means that some of these apps can access, read and sell your private conversations to other 3rd parties or advertisers. Viber can’t sell your privacy, simply because we can’t access your private chats.

You can delete messages you regret sending

Viber lets you delete any type of message you’ve sent for both yourself and the people you’ve sent it to. This means whatever you decided to delete will no longer appear on your device or on your friend’s device. You don’t even have to worry about how long it’s been since you sent your message since you can delete at any time.

You can send disappearing messages with Secret Chats

Some messages are so sensitive they need a to be handled with extra caution and care. Secret Chats lets you set a self-destruct timer for every message in your conversation so that after it’s been read, it is automatically deleted from your phone as well as from your recipient’s phone. Messages you send through a secret chat can’t be forwarded or screenshot when using Android. If you’re using an iPhone, those messages can be screenshot, but the sender will receive a notification that a screenshot has been taken. Secret Chats are distinguished by a special lock badge added to them in the main chat list.

Viber is the most secure messaging app

Viber gives you a complete and full security scope, as the only global messaging app that provides users with the top privacy measures listed above.

For 100% private messaging chat with Viber.

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