How to Call Mexico from the USA

How to call Mexico from the USA

Calling your loved ones should be simple and inexpensive, and with Viber Out we guarantee that it will be just that. Keep reading to learn how to call Mexico from the USA and keep in touch with those who matter most.

Calling Mexico from the USA can get very pricey if you don’t happen to have a good calling plan with a trustworthy company. There’s no doubt your traditional phone carrier is not your optimal choice when it comes to calling your loved ones, which is precisely why we wanted to give you a step-by-step guide on how to call Mexico from the USA and make the best quality calls for a low-rate.

International Dialing Codes

Calling Mexico from the USA has never been easier (or cheaper!). If you wish to call a landline in Mexico from the USA, here’s how to call:

Dial 011 + 52 + Area Code + Land Phone Number

00 – Exit code when making an international call from the USA

1 – US country code for inbound calls

00 + 1 + City Code + Local Number – International dialing code format


011 + 52 + 11 Digit Mobile Number

A little explanation about the numbers you’ll need  to dial:

  • 011 is your exit code for the USA, and is required when making international calls from the United States.
  • The United States has several dialing codes
  • 52 is Mexico’s international dialing code.
  • Area Code – There are 385 area codes in Mexico so if there’s a code you need to dial it after you dial the international dialing code (52). If there’s no area code, simply dial the recipient’s number after dialing the international dialing code (52). If you’re not sure what the area code is check out this full list of Mexican area codes.

If you wish to call a mobile number in Mexico from the USA, follow this simple step and dial:

011 + 52 + 1??? ??? ????

Remember to remove the first number following the 1.

Viber Out Call Rates from 1.5¢ per Minute*

In order to keep track of your expenses and guarantee you don’t go overboard with your calls, we suggest purchasing Viber Out credit to call your friends and family in Mexico. If you’re planning on calling someone who already has a Viber account you’ll be able to conduct free Viber calls from between Viber users. However, if you’re planning on calling a landline or someone who doesn’t have a Viber account or an internet connection, Viber Out offers you just the solution you need.

There are several Viber Out plans to choose from:

Credit plans:

  • Viber Out credit is added to your balance when you purchase any amount. Make calls to any number in the world at Viber’s low rates with your credit plan.

30-day calling plans:

  • If you’re traveling abroad for a month the 30-day calling plan will be perfect for you. The plan enables you to make international calls to the destination of your choice for the duration of 30 days at Viber’s low rates.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • The monthly subscription plan gives you the flexibility to make international calls to landlines and mobiles at low rates without having to renew your plan at any time and without having to worry about added costs.

Viber Out calling rates for calling Mexico from the US run from 1.8¢ per minute on mobile and from 1.5¢ per minute when calling a landline in Mexico. Pre-paid Viber Out packages vary, beginning from $4.99 for around 5.5 hours to call a Mexico landline and $24.99 for around 27 hours to call a Mexico landline.

So now that you know just how to call your friends and family in Mexico from the USA, simply choose the right plan for your needs. Check out the site to get more information about Viber Out, and start dialing your favorite locations on earth.


*Rates are subject to change

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