The Rise of Emoticons


Let’s get into some real talk about emoticons. They are so small. They force my face into expressions that I’d like to reserve for when I’m truly losing my eyesight. I’m trying to delay anything related to needles near my face for as long a possible here.

On my phone, I have an easier time because I’m holding it pretty close to my face anyway when I’m texting. It’s another story when I’m using Viber at work, I must look like everything confuses me quite often. It most likely does not instill faith and trust in my professional abilities, but my colleagues give me the benefit of the doubt. Thanks, guys.

At some point, though, someone at the office here realized there’s actually nothing holding us back from resizing these little yellow goobers and that we can make them pretty much whatever size we want. When emoticons are sent within a chat bubble together with text, they are limited to the size of the text, but when they are sent on their own we have the option of sending them outside of a text bubble and then their size can know no bounds.
So, naturally, we made them giant.


Now whenever you send an emoticon on Viber for Desktop, it will appear the size of the moon! Okay, not that big, but a size that requires no squinting and no second guessing what you’re looking at. Confused face will be totally distinguishable from straight face and big teeth smile will not be confused with white half moon smile. Make life less confusing: Check.

You and your friends can start sending each other jumbo-size emoticons with the latest version of Viber for Desktop.