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The master version of the Rakuten Viber® logo has been designed to be flexible. A number of variations are available to ensure flexibility across a variety of formats.

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Color palette

Every design must use a minimum of three and a maximum of four colors. One of those colors must be purple. The use of the purple Viber logo does not meet the purple requirement of the design.

Gray/B&W designs can only use the gray and purple colors.

Viber Purple

RGB: 101,092,172

CMYK: 69,72,0,0

HEX: #665CAC

Viber Blue

RGB: 084,192,212

CMYK: 61,3,15,0

HEX: #54C0D4

Viber Red

RGB: 239,096,098

CMYK: 0,78,55,0

HEX: #EF6062

Viber Yellow

RGB: 237,236,130

CMYK: 9,0,62,0


Viber Dark Gray

RGB: 074,074,074

CMYK: 66,59,57,39

HEX: #4A4A4A

Viber Gray

RGB: 176,176,175

CMYK: 32,25,26,0

HEX: #B0B0B0


RGB: 255,255,255

CMYK: 0,0,0,0



Please use these screenshots as-is. Do not edit modify, distort, rotate or recolor the screenshots.

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We have a library of high-quality videos to keep you updated with the latest features and updates. You can find them all on our YouTube channel.

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