Pin Important Messages to the Top of Your Group Chat

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy our newest group chat improvements on both your mobile and desktop! We only recently came out with our replies feature on desktop, which enables you to reply to messages that were sent in your group chat or one-on-one chats so that you’re always in the … Read More >

New on Viber for Desktop: Replies!

Communicating with your friends, family and coworkers on Viber for Desktop just got a whole lot easier. The replies feature is now available on desktop as well as on mobile, which means you can reply to a message that has been sent a while back in your group chat or any chat, and never feel … Read More >

What is VoIP?

You may think you don’t know what VoIP is, but if you’ve ever made a call using the internet, whether on your computer or mobile phone, you’ve used it. VoIP stands for “Voice over internet Protocol” and lets you use the internet as a transmission medium for voice and video calls through voice data in … Read More >

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