What is VoIP?

You may think you don’t know what VoIP is, but if you’ve ever made a call using the internet, whether on your computer or mobile phone, you’ve used it. VoIP stands for “Voice over internet Protocol” and lets you use the internet as a transmission medium for voice and video calls through voice data in … Read More >

7 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Viber for Desktop

Whether you’re new to Viber for Desktop or have already played around with the platform for quite some time now, chances are you could still improve your productivity and like with anything in life, learn more. Here are seven hacks you should check out if you’d like to learn all there is to know about … Read More >

Send Quick Replies with Viber’s New Desktop Feature!

  Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend a big chunk of our day browsing the web, messaging our friends and making phone calls. And while we’ve grown accustomed to juggling different chats and tabs, it doesn’t mean that things can’t be easier. Think about it – how many times a day … Read More >

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