Cartoon Wedding Bells

Hi, my name is Aviv and I’m a sticker artist here at Viber. A few months ago I got an email from a guy named Ivan. He told me about his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Jelena, how Viber’s helped them keep in touch across different continents, and how – when the sticker market launched … Read More >

Happy Birthday Viber

Today is Viber’s 5th Birthday. Five years ago, when we launched Viber, we never imagined we would touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people. So this is our opportunity to say thank you to all of you, our users. For it is you that make Viber great. It is thanks to you that … Read More >

Delete Those Messages You Never Meant to Send

Delete Messages Ever had one of those moments when you hit send only to realise that you’ve pinged a message or picture to the wrong person? Well, now you can delete that message from your own phone and it will be deleted from the devices of everyone you sent it to immediately. It works with … Read More >