Viber North America: Empowering Local Artists and Beautifying the Streets of Boston

In December 2015, Viber North America launched the “Boston Life” Public Chat as a resource for ‘all things Boston’, including restaurant reviews, weekend activities, concerts, tourist destinations, shopping, health and wellness, cultural events, and so on. The participants of the “Boston Life” Public Chat are photographers, artists, designers, small business owners, young professionals, and students … Read More >

History Is Important

“It’s the absolute worst.” “Hands down. The worst.” These are among the responses you’ll get from any of our customer service agents when you ask them what it’s like to get hear from someone who has lost their message history. “Sometimes it’s really heartbreaking. People telling you about the last messages they had from a … Read More >

Ranking in the Top 10 Apps of All Time

When we introduced Viber to Android users in June 2011, we had the vision of creating a more connected world with no roadblocks to keeping in touch, reaching out, doing business or just sending a quick note. We wanted totally free, high-quality communication for anyone with an Internet connection. Five years later we’re delighted to … Read More >

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